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Ayam Lepaas in Bireuen Town

Ayam Lepaas is a chain restaurant in Aceh, their main menu is chicken. There several branches in Aceh, including Bireuen Town. Bireuen is a district in northern part fo Aceh Province.


I used to have lunch at Ayam Lepaas in Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh Province. But this time, I tried Ayam Lepaas in Bireuen. I had lunch here with a friend of mine @bahagia-arbi.


The taste of their special condiment is very good, spicy and a bit sweet. The texture of chicken is also fine and soft with mouth-watering aroma.

The ambience of the room is cozy and pleasant. The room is wide.


We paid IDR 20,000 per portion of Ayam Lepaas. It’s pretty cheap, $1 and 50 cent only.


It’s a good price for that such a tasteful dish. We really enjoyed it.

LocationAyam Lepaas
Pulo Ara Geudong Teungoh, Juang City, Bireuen Regency, Aceh 24261, Indonesia
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Reasonable price of this nice food. In fact cheap i must say. Good deal.

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Reasonable price Of this nice food. In fact cheap I must say. Good deal.                  - engrsayful

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