Ceria, Famous Bakery Shop in Town

We stay at a small town in Cental Aceh, the town named Simpang Tiga Redelong. The town is so small, located in Gayo highland, a coffee-producing area in Aceh Province.

There are only two bakery shops here, first Nona Bakery Shop that I have already reviewed here, and Ceria, the one that I review in this post.


Ceria Bakery and Cake shop is quite new here. It was establish few months ago, but it’s so quickly got costumers’ attention since they provide more delicious breads and cakes.


Sometime I dropped here to buy some cakes or bread to take home or I brought to office. For sure, their products are delicious, soft and tasty.


Sometime, I just eat them while driving. Sometime for my breakfast or lunch. Ceria bakery is one of solution for quick breakfast. Buy some breads or cakes and take them away with you.


If you are stranded here, just find Ceria Bakery and Cake shops to buy your breakfast. No worries, the cakes and bread are so delicious.

LocationCeria Bakery & Cake Shop
Simpang Tiga Redelong, Bukit, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh, Indonesia
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