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Having Lunch at Canopy Cafe in Bireuen Town

Few days ago I had lunch at a happening cafe, named Canopy Cafe in Bireuen Town of Aceh Province. This cafe is located around Cot Gapu Sub District.

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The ambience of the cafe is cozy but quiet that afternoon, there were not so busy, no many costumers.

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I ordered s plate of black pepper rice. After waiting for about 15 minutes, my menu was served on the table.

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The dish looks delicious and colorful. There were two slices of beef, potatoes and vetegables.

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I enjoyed the dish. It was delicious and spicy. I loved it, and I could recommend the menu if you come to this place to have lunch or dinner.

I also ordered a glass of long black coffee, it's quite strong caffein.

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I spent IDR 40,000 for the food and coffee. It's good price.

LocationCanopy Cafe
Jl. Medan - Banda Aceh No.100, Geulanggang Baro, Kota Juang, Kabupaten Bireuen, Aceh 24261, Indonesia
rankA place to visit daily



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