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Fantastic lunch for 4 Euro in Budapest

There is a little gem I have found in Budaors (a district in Budapest) that I would like to share with you today. It is called Budafoki Gyors and I have been there millions of times, simply because it is an awesome place for a cheap lunch in Budapest. And even more important, they have a wide selection of meals available (different options every day), and no matter what they make, it tastes awesome!

What makes this even cooler is that they serve traditional Hungarian meals, making it a great place to taste all sorts of foods... especially knowing that everything they make tastes good, this is a great place to try new stuff. The header picture is a Mushroom Paprica meal with home-made noodles to it. I had never eaten it before, but it was absolutely delicious. But, when you come, they will most likely not have this meal, but they will have all other sorts of meal. But, no worry - it all tastes awesome!


I am quite skeptical to lasagne in restaurants, simply because the one I make at home tastes better than all of them. But, the lasagne served in Budafoki Gyors was actually way better than the one you get in most other restaurants.

rantott husi.jpg

They make lots of changes to the daily menus, but one thing they almost always have available, is some sort of wiener schnitzel. I recommend that you buy some salad next to it, but in itself, it is a great peace of meat!

turo bun.jpg

Not only do they have nice main courses, they also serve delicious desserts. Every day you can get one set dessert, and it might be pancakes (most frequently), but it is often cottage cheese buns (like at the picture above), it can be fruit-rice, and it can be lots of stuff. But once again, I still haven't been disappointed in the desserts. The best is probably their pancakes (stuffed with cottage cheese or with nutella)!

How much does it cost?

The price of the main courses is normally around 1000 HUF (3 Euro). But, if you go for a package with either a main course and a soup, or a main course and a dessert, the price is 1300 HUF (4 Euro). It is absolutely worth the extra Euro, because the soups and the desserts are always worth tasting as well!

So, what can I say? This is one of my favorite places in Budapest right now, simply because it is cheap and fabolous!

budafoki outside.jpg

On a warm day, you can sit outside in the garden and eat your lunch, and that gives an awesome feeling. It is quiet, and it is very easy to enjoy the food you are about to eat.

But, they also have seating on the inside, so if you'd rather sit inside (which is nice on a cold winter day), that can easily be done as well!


Once again, this is a great place, and in a few hours from now I will be sitting in the restaurant again enjoying today's lunch. Will you join me maybe? :)

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LocationBudafoki Gyors
Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 28, 1221 Hungary
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wow 4 euro is very cheap. Thanks for sharing

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