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Eat's Good || Yee Wen Thai Food

A good friend brought me here many years ago. Hidden behind trees and shrubs on an inner road, in a housing area. Built haphazardly on a slope, with cement stairs partially hidden, it could even be someone's home if you didn't know better.


Ever since, every now and then, when authentic Thai food is requested by family visiting from overseas, we head on to Yee Wen Thai Food. Your neighbourhood non-fancy Thai joint that has actual Thai staff and an owner that speaks Thai.

Recently, with no family visiting but with so much talk of SF4, no surprise we ended up here. It had been quite some time since we had come to this restaurant as the 'visiting family" has very young kids now and it is not the most convenient for babies and toddlers.


It looks quiet on the outside, but once you step in, the popularity is obvious. No surprise, we had to wait for around 7 minutes for a table to clear up. While waiting, the owner took orders.


We quickly browsed through the menu and decided to stick to the usual. I think it was more because the queue was long and we didn't want to spend time browsing. The owner suggested a Lemon Style Fish and we said yes, as we are always open to trying something new.


As soon as we sat down, I grabbed a menu and browsed through so we would be more prepared for the next time we came. We also checked to make sure we didn't want to add anything else just in case... We didn't.


The wait for our food took a little longer than our table. They served us our drinks first. Lemon grass and pandan tea. It was really good and even the kids liked it. Surprise, Surprise!


After about 20 minutes, the food got to our table. The Seafood Tom Yum was served in a claypot. To keep it hot/warm, there was a tea light burning under. The soup was filled with prawns, squid and fish. We did struggle to finish this as the portion was big.


Pucuk Paku, which is wild fern shoot, cooked with dried prawn paste are not very common and so it was a treat for us. The kids discovered a new vege from our usual go to's.


Mango salad is a must if you are having Thai and it complimented the soup. Sometimes the young mango used would make the dish a bit too sour but this had the right amount of sour with sweet and spicy. Yes, got to watch out for the booby traps, the bird's eye chillies.


The Pandan Chicken was a little bit dissapointing though. The Hubs thinks that if the portions had been smaller, the meat would have marinated better.


I saved the best for last. This Lemon Fish, recommended by the owner has me salivating even now as I write this. I have never tried fish cooked this style and I have to say, it was the perfect combination. All of us couldn't stop slurping the lemony gravy.


This was served with rice in a pot and not the usual per portion in bowls. We did have to top up another two portions for the hungry boys. The bill came up to RM132.60 (around 237 Steem).

Honestly, I thought twice about sharing this place as it is one of those places to keep a secret so I won't have to wait the next time I visit ;p. But I couldn't do it and had to share so you too can try it if you are in the vicinity.


LocationYee Wen Thai Food
3a, Jalan Helang Merah, Kepong Baru Tambahan, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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