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Il Rustichello.

Shame on me that I have not yet spoken to you about the "Rustichello" restaurant in my village Prunetta, I go there often and perhaps because of it, going there I never thought of it for a review, but he deserves it all!

The rustichello is the only restaurant in Prunetta in Winter, it has no competition but this does not mean it is bad, indeed its menu is full of typical dishes with seasonal products, mushrooms picked by our citizens and wild boar hunted by our hunters.
The place is really nice, rustic like the name suggest and like the attitude of the owners and the costumers, but they have two amazing cooks and a fantastic kitchen.
I often go there when i want eat something strong or when i am tired to cook my home made ragù, by the way their ragù its really better than mine, it's their strong point, my fav dishes from the restaurant are Ragu's ravioli! AS you can see!




The place has two rooms, one inside and one inside, if they can make you stand out because inside the room it is right at the kitchen and you can hear the cooks arguing! The place is suitable for everyone, couples and families, the welcome is rustic and hasty typical of mountain places. The only thing I do not like is the lack of a menu that is spoken orally, which is great if you are blind but I prefer to read the menu to get an idea of the prices that here instead often vary from dish to dish and from season to season. For the rest the food is excellent and high quality, ravioli, scaloppine, polenta, tagliatelle with wild boar, sheep, pappardelle with venison, a hearty kitchen

For the drink they serve beer and local wine, good and light, beer both in the jug and in the bottle, they also make the pizzas in the weekend that are good! But their strong point is the mountain cuisine with mushrooms and wild boar meat and venison! A nice place to eat a large and hearty dish in winter!




LocationIl rustichello.
Via Statale Mammianese, 262, 51028 Prunetta PT, Italy
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the only option? they must get a lot of business! 😄

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Yes we must confess the never close, never, really they work 7to7 all the year xD

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I ravioli sono una delle mie passioni. !BEER

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Pure io li adoro ❤️

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