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All You Can Eat in L'Altitude Restaurant, Pacung Village, Bali

L' altitude Restaurant is located in Pacung village in Bali. It is attached to a hotel called Saranam Hotel. A couple of days ago, I was there because I was invited by a client to have lunch. There were a lot of food selection as this was a buffet lunch. And they were all presented beautifully .

The atmosphere was quite calm and relax in the restaurant.

There was a long table just in front of the kitchen where the chefs preparing the food. When one pan or plate was empty they quickly refill them. There were other tables for serving more food in the middle of restaurant hall.

There are two pan or plates for every type of dishes. For example: there were two pan for steam rice, or two pan for grilled chicken.

Great view just oustide the restaurant window.

It's a buffet style, all you can eat.

The Appetizer

Let's start with the appetizers. There were vegetable soup, vegetables salad and potato salad. Choose any of them or choose all. I just take the salad, I did not want to get so full yet before having the main course.

Vegetable salad with variety of dressing.

If you prefer potato salad, here is the table you should go.

Hot vegetable soup was also available for a starter.

The Main Course

For the main course, there were steamed rice, spaghetti, grilled chicken, stir fried mix vegetables.

Steamed rice is the staple food in Bali and Indonesia. So, it has to be there.

Spaghetti is also a popular dish, we just call it noodle ;-)).

The sauce for noodle or spaghetti

Grilled chicken with chili sambal, wow, yummy.

Somebody took almost all mixed vegetables, but it was refilled quickly.

I just took some spaghetti with carbonara sauce, vegetables and grilled chicken. Maybe you don't think it was not much. But I had a second plate, which I did not take photo that I can't show you here.

The Dessert

Such a colorful deserts, that's what I thought, when I saw them presented on the tables. There were black rice pudding with sliced mango and chocolate pudding. Selection of fruits: papaya, pineapple and water melon were available as well.

These are called dadar gulung or rolled pancake.

Sliced fruits for dessert.

Dadar gulung and chocolate pudding with cream topping.

My Choice

I had some chickens, spaghetti carbonara and vegetables which I enjoyed very much. I am a rice person, but I did not want to have rice every day. So, that was a treat for me.

I had some pieces of grilled chicken. They were soft and delicious. I could have more chili sauce for this or sambal though.



For dessert, I took three items: a glass of black rice pudding (a little glass), and a glass of chocolate pudding, and chocolate cake. I also had some coffee.

It was great. I enjoyed the lunch and the atmosphere and the views over the restaurant windows.

The restaurant located in a midland, around 700 meter above sea level. The temperature was quite cool. It also overlook valleys where rice were grown. A resort was also near by catered for visitors who'd like to spend their holiday in this place.

The view from the window: rice terraces, hills and a resort below.

LocationL'Altitude Restaurant Bali
Jalan Raya Baturiti , Banjar Pacung /Desa Baturiti, Baturiti, Kec. Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82191, Indonesia
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Beautiful view and tasty and well presented food. Good review

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Thank you. šŸ™

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every photos is super

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Thank you for your kind words.

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nice terraces view from your restaurant! :)

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Hiya, thank you!šŸ¤£, but that's not my restaurant.

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