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The Pig and Palm by Chef Jason Atherton (Cebu)

Has to be the best restaurant in Cebu. It is the latest restaurant by U.K. Michelin-star Chef Jason Atherton. He chose Cebu as its his Filipina wife's hometown.
It was a culinary fine dinning adventure at The Pig & Palm! Food is exquisite, this restaurant elevates the dining scene in Cebu, a great addition to the industry indeed, very cozy ambiance too.
Loved it here for their artfully plated dishes that taste as consistently good as they look, obviously prepared with a lot of TLC in a little bit extra dosage.
The staff here are very attentive to details, very professional and they have managed to keep the place spotless. Absolutely fantastic customer service , they are impeccable.

For a food lover like me, the art that goes into the food preparation and presentnation amazes me.

Their pork belly confit is just from another level - it was the BEST pork belly I had in my life. It was something that I would never forget. It came with mashed potatoes that was so perfectly done you just want to savour every bite. Dont expect big servings here.

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would i go back? Definitely Yes, prices are totaly worth it. A Gem i'd highly recommend. Class, class, class!

LocationPig and Palm
G/F MSY Tower PESCADORES RD, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
rankrankrankA real gem, one I want to keep secret



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The food does indeed look very impressive.

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Hope nice

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all of that looks really fancy but i suppose we shouldn't be terribly surprised if the chef is Michelin rated. I live not-so-near Cebu, but now i wanna go there :)

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The dishes are presented very well and seem very appetizing. Good review Thanks for sharing

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