Ulog#160 Burn's Panciteria Baguio City, Philippines

My sister decided to treat us dinner in memory of our aunt who passed away. We went to a panciteria near our place called Burn's Panciteria. The location was very ideal for us.
As soon as you get in you would get in you would feel a hippie vibe with all their arts and designs. One thing that I noticed was that they had poor lighting.
This is a resto bar, when we went in to order food there were people drinking. They don't have a menu but we asked them what they served, they serve chicharon bulaklak, sisig, pancit batil patung and pancit cabagan. My sister ordered pancit. One container costs 85 php and additional 10 php for the packaging. 95 php or 1.82 USD for a pack of pancit.

This was the pancit Batil Patung. It had noddles with poached egg, liver and vegetables.

This was the pancit Cabagan. It had noodles, longganisa, crispy pork bits, hard boiled egg and vegetables.


Overall, I enjoyed eating both. The presentation was nice and they tasted unique in their own ways but my favorite was the Cabagan because I'm not a fan of liver that much. If you want to eat good pancit which is afforadable I would recommend this place. You can visit their Face book page by clicking here

Thanks for reading.

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LocationBurn's Panciteria
Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
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I'll be so happy to see this coming home! Yummy

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Yes you're sooo right. Thanks for dropping by

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That looks so delicious! I love visiting places that have a "vibe" for sure. There is something about making you feel as if you are part of another reality. There is an Irish Public House that was across from where we lived in Tulsa OK that transported me to Ireland every time we visited it. But I digress.

I loved seeing the artwork on the walls; however, I also wish there was better lighting. The colors would be even more amazing. Then there is the food! Oh, that looked wonderful. Wish I were in that area and could visit. Thanks so much for sharing this. Ren

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Yes it really was delicious. I didn't know about this place until my sister showed it to me. Yeah the vibe of this place was cool and chill. It's always fun to discover other places.

Yes it was so amusing but I agree with you, I guess it would be better to go there earlier in the day. Thank you so much for dropping by and have a great week ahead!

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Food looking so tasty.

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Yes it was tasty thanks for dropping by

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Looks like some very good food! I am sorry for the loss of you aunt... šŸ’™

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Yes it was, it's okay it's been a long time already but thank you so much. Thanks for dropping by

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That food looks absolutely mouth watering and delicious...

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THank you so much for dropping by

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Im such a weakling... I wanna have one pack too! Pa LBC please hahaha!

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Hehehe. Kung pwede lang at hindi masisira or kung may machine na nagtratransport haha. Thanks po for dropping by and have a great week ahead

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masarap sa pansit, CHEERS!

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