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Hi Everyone,
On the weekend I was with my mother at Lake Constance to have some variety. We didn't want to eat out, so we drived back to Munich with an empty stomach. But on the way we got hungry and I just drove out to the next village at the next exit Oberpfaffenhofen. The road was completely deserted, but then we saw a Chinese restaurant and there were even a lot of parking spaces in the side streets.

We were greeted very friendly, as if we were already very often guests there. We were accompanied to a nice place at the window and took a seat. On the menu there were a lot of dishes, nothing special, as one is already used to it from many Chinese restaurants. When we got our food after about 10 minutes we were thrilled, it tasted excellent and the portions were more than enough. The waitress even asked my mother if she would like to take the rest of the food with her and wrap it up, with the large portions this seems to happen very often.

My mother loves Peking soup



I would like to recommend the restaurant. As it has a lot of tables, one usually gets a place there without reservation, the food is very good and the prices and size of the portions are above average. I read there that there is still a reduced price in the lunchtime.

LocationChina Restaurant Hang Zhou
Weichselbaumer Str. 2, 82205 Gilching, Germany
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