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Thinly Sliced Beef Korean BBQ

One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is called Dolbaegi Jip (돌배기집). This restaurant is located near Suwon Train Station. I like this place because the quality is very high, but the price is not.

They don't offer dozens of side dishes or menu choices, however, this is important to maintain highstandards. If I want a bunch of everything to be mediocre, I will go to a buffet or something.


There are several different main courses to choose from. You can enjoy marinated thinly sliced beef, or unmarinated. I always go for the unmarinated thinly sliced beef called Chadulbaegi (차돌박이), it is 9000 KRW ($7.50) per order.

I also get a side of rice wich comes with a little soybean soup for an extra 1000KRW. Usually this is enough to share with another person.

As we were feeling extra hungry, we got a bowl of cold vegetables called yeolmu-naeng-guksu for 5000KRW.

In total the bill was 24,000 KRW which is around $21.00.

Like all Korean BBQs, the meat comes to the table raw and you need to cook it yourself. I like doing this because it is aways hot and I can cook each piece exactly to my liking.

Although I didn't drink anything this time, cooking slowly also helps pace yourself with soju. One bit per shot is how I do it when I visit with my friend.

You can grill garlic and then dip it into their signature Chaya sauce which is really complicated to make but sort of tastes like soy sauce and vinegar.


The side soup which comes with the rice is called dwenjang-Jjigae. It is technically a stew and is made with fermented soybean paste. I really like to eat it. I enjoy it more in the winter or with soju, but I was hungry and more interested in the rice.

I'm trying to cut down meat and at 1000KRW for rice and soup, you can't go wrong. Now before you get an idea of being ultra cheap and fabulous, You cannot order this without ordering a proper main because they would lose money.


The yeolmunaenguksu is something I don't often order here, however my friend wanted one because it was hot. I tried a bit and it was good. It is basically assorted vegetables in a cold sauce which is similar to kimchi sauce. There was also a small piece of meat in there for some reason.

Overall I really like eating here and I try to visit at least once every couple of months.

LocationDolbaegi Jip 돌배기집
29-1 Hyanggyo-ro, Maesanno 2(i)-ga, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Looks like some dang good food.

I’ll never understand why people choose to support restaurants that have so many food items that it’s not possible for things to be fresh, amazing, and cooked right. I don’t even want know the chaos the kitchen is in when the menu is more a novel than a menu. Sure they have everything and most of it is wasting away.

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Yeah it's good. I agree with the places with a ton of items. Unless it's just different toppings or sauces it's hard to pull off. Also, even with just giving people choice, they often make choices that won't make the food taste great. I can't stand when I go to a steak house and see people using ketchup. It kills me inside like watching people eat pizza with a fork.

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This sounds like a fun experience @abitcoinskeptic. I would like cooking my own at the table as well, hot and not over-cooked! :)

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Yes, that is how I do it.

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What a FOOD!!! 😆😆😆😆

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cheap and fabulous? your photos prove it :)

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Thank you for comment.

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Cooking on my own in a restaurant is a rather unusual sight for me. In our country, I have never met such restaurants.

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It's very common in Korea.

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