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Sabudaana Wada and Chai at Shree Krishna Fast Food


I usually drop my wife to work on Saturdays, as it's an off for me and she has to work on some weekends. While driving back home a few times I noticed this small shop where people were queuing up to eat.

One day, I stopped there myself. And I am a regular here now, almost every alternate Saturday. This is where I also tried Sabudaana Wada, and it has also become my Saturday breakfast.


The place is really just fast food, typical breakfast or evening snacks that people can eat quickly and get back to work.

I went there again today but my favourite thing was missing from the counter. lucky me, a fresh lot was being made. i waited for sometime and little bundles of joy appeared.


I ordered tea from the
neighbouring stall and enjoyed my breakfast. Sabudaana is tapioca, that also is used to make bubbles for bubble tea. the batter consists of peanuts, curry leaves, tapioca and cumin seeds. Its mildly salty and the cumin adds a distinct flavour. Tastes wonderful with sweet cuppa.


What I really like about this place is, service is quick, food really nice and there are standing desks outside for one to eat their meals. The rush and buzz of the place is great and sharing those standing desks gives a great community

LocationShree Krishna Fast Food
B-78, Road Number 13, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Udyan, MIG Colony, Government Colony, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051, India
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it is nice breakfast

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Yes, would have been healthier if not fried

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