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Enjoy Fried Noodle "Mie Goreng" at Surya Yudha Park

Yesterday I just visited Banjarnegara City. Banjarnegara is near from Purbalingga regency, in east of Purbalingga. And Banjarnegara not far from Wonosobo. Precisely I go to Surya Yudha Park, in Rejasa. There are integrated place a Park, Resto, Hotel, cinema and Waterboom.


Because Banjarnegara not far from Mount Dieng, temperature on this place cold enough. So to make body heat, in that day i had breakfast with fried noodle called "Mie Goreng" combined with a fried Chicken and some cucumber. Serving with friendly,combine by representative location making that morning very good.


When you eating You still enjoy of beauty panorama of replica of the iconic statue. You can see replica statue of Liberty in US or just a statue of Lion of Singapore. Visiting this place just for looking of foods or just to make a rest is very pleasure.

LocationSurya Yudha Park
Jl. Raya Rejasa No.KM. 1, Rejasa, Madukara, Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah 53482, Indonesia
rankA place to visit daily


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thank you very much

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looks delicious, I wish you a nice day :)

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thank you very much @yeaho I wish you a nice day to :)

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That looks a lot of serving and looks good. You may want to join @steemfoodtours as well πŸ‘πŸ‘

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