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The Western

What can I say about the Western?

It's a small bar in a small town, populated mostly with locals, but also invaded from time to time with large numbers of Texans.


They have cheap beer, at least relatively so. $3.75 for a draft, I'm not sure for a bottle.

If you get there before 9 they have a pretty decent menu.

Is it the best bar in town? Well, that depends. What are you looking for?


Dave's Cafe down the way has better food. They also take debit/credit cards (which the Western does not).

Next weekend there is a brewery opening up, I'm almost positive it will have a better beer selection.

So what does the Western have?


Simply put: atmosphere.

This bar is a classic bar. The other places in town are modern and "clean". The Western is as rugged and beat up as they come.


They also have great bands every Saturday night. Last night was the Psilocybin Jam Band. I had the pleasure of meeting the bassist last week. He's a great guy.

Which is another reason to visit. Great people.

LocationThe Western Bar And Grill
Cloudcroft, NM 88317, USA
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Happy hours before 9 PM ?

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