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Dessert Overload @ Buffet 101

Buffet 101 Cebu is located on the busy streets of Mandaue City. It is known for its quality and variation of dishes. One thing that I wanted to highlight are the desserts.

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I think they all have desserts of different kinds and forms. They have cakes, salads, ice cream, crepe, waffles, gummy bears, chocolates and so much more! Maybe what they didn't have at that time were Pinoy delicacies. Possibly because most of the Filipino desserts spoil fast because of the coconut milk as main ingredient.

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I loved the free flowing chocolate fondue. Of course, it's best with marshmallow. But you can also opt to use fruits.

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The crepes were freshly made right in front of us. We can request to have mango or chocolate toppings.

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I can't help myself getting some ice cream and put some toppings. There were lots of toppings available but I just made my cup to be simple. I had fun pairing it up with the waffles.

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To neutralize the sweetness of my tastebuds, I sipped some red wine. I really had a sugar overload. I almost tasted all of the desserts. Thankfully, I have someone to share my food. There was no need to finish the whole piece to myself.

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LocationBuffet 101
City Time Square, Mandaue, 6014 Lalawigan ng Cebu, Philippines
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Everything there just looks so perfectly delicious. THanks for sharing this with us and have a great day

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Indeed! There were just so many desserts to choose from!

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