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Australia Food Guide - #4 Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine, Noosaville

After a beautiful walk through the Noosa Nationalpark this morning we got hungry and were craving for some yummi Thai Food.

We went to the Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine where we have been before and found it damn delicious.

Nach einem schönen Spaziergang durch den Noosa National Park an diesem Morgen bekamen wir Hunger und verspürten ein Verlangten nach leckerem thailändischem Essen.

Wir gingen in das Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine wo wir bereits schon einmal waren und es verdammt lecker fanden.



The restaurant is located in Noosaville on the beautiful Noosa River. To say it in advance, this is no fancy restaurant. It also does not have many seats and if you´re late you can expect to wait a while as it is pretty popular.

But the reason for this is very simple, it tastes awesome and they serve very authentic thai food. The menu is big and packed with goodies.

Today we decided to go for the Lunch Special which is fair priced with 9,90 $ for the Tofu variant, 10,90 $ for chicken, beef or pork, 12,90 $ for squid or prawn and 19,90 $ for crispy pork belly.

Tap water is for free!

Das Restaurant befindet sich in Noosaville am schönen Noosa River. Um es vorweg zu sagen, das ist kein schickes Restaurant. Es hat auch nicht viele Plätze und wenn Sie zu spät kommen, können Sie eine Weile warten, da es ziemlich beliebt ist.

Der Grund dafür ist sehr einfach, es schmeckt fantastisch und es wird sehr authentisches thailändisches Essen serviert. Die Karte is groß und voll gepackt mit Leckereien.

Heute haben wir uns für das Lunch Special entschieden, das mit 9,90 $ für die Tofu-Variante, 10,90 $ für Hähnchen, Rind oder Schwein, 12,90 $ für Tintenfisch oder Garnelen und 19,90 $ für knusprigen Schweinebauch. zu fairen Preisen angeboten wird.

Leitungswasser ist kostenlos!




We had the following 2 Lunch Specials

  • Stier Fried Peanut Sauce with chicken and steamed rice
  • Stier Fried Thai Basil Chilli Sauce with chicken and steamed rice (and some chilli sauce directly from hell on the side)
  • a can of coca cola

All together we paid 24,30 Australian Dollar which is around 15,40 EUR or 17,40 US Dollar.

Wir hatten die folgenden 2 Lunch Specials

  • Stier Fried Peanut Sauce mit Hühnchen und gedünstetem Reis
  • Stier Fried Thai Basil Chili Sauce mit Hühnchen und gedünstetem Reis (und etwas Chilisauce direkt aus der Hölle)
  • eine Dose Coca Cola

Insgesamt haben wir 24,30 Australische Dollar bezahlt, was etwa 15,40 EUR oder 17,40 US-Dollar entspricht.




LocationTuk Tuk Thai Cuisine
187-193 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566, Australia
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Authentic foods from every part of the world are most fabulous!! Restaurants in Australia offer the best foods of the world too! Go Aussie!

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thanks! The australian kitchen itself hasn´t really something special but they know what is good. ;)

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wow I feel honored. Thank you so much for the support.

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Love Noosa! Why didn’t I see this place?! Looks damn delicious indeed, haha... visiting Hohenzollern Castle 🏰 tomorrow on the way back. Any advice? :)

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Thanks! It´s near the Noosa River in Noosaville, so little bit outside of Noosa Town.

I guess I´ve never been there myself. But not too far away in Metzingen there is a Outlet City with lots of Clothes...Nike, Puma, Hugo Boss and so on. Not sure if they´re open on a sunday.

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😂 lol... why do you tell me about the outlet when I’m visiting a castle? I’m not so into shopping, haha... but thanks! And seriously it’s still full of snow and freezing cold there when I was at the castle today! You are so wise to come back only in June! Enjoy the sunny coast! :)

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haha I don´t know. was the only thing which came into my mind, as I know its only about 40km away.

But in that area should be plenty of small Castles to discover.

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This looks very nice. I like thaifood and could go for some myself.

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thanks! it was super delicious and very authentic

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delicious! menu is so nice!

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thank you

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