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Boomhuttenclub (Den Haag, Netherlands): A Tasteem Review

Being a parent unfortunately means that your choices of places to eat at is greatly dimished. Between the probelsm of keeping kids (especially toddlers) entertained and interested (and not disturbing the other diners...) to the very exacting dining tastes of kids (cheese... everything in tomato sauce...), you are restricted to only a handful of places... unless you have an especially well-behaved child who has adventurous tastes in food.

We were lucky with our first child, and so we didn't have to change too much our choices of places for eating out... however, for our second child... we had to change!

So, it is rare to be able to find a place that caters for children whilst offering some quality food and ambience for the adults!

The Space


The Boomhuttenclub (The Treehouse Club) is quite tastefully decorated, with interesting art on the walls and a nice clean feel to the room. There is quite a lot of white space, and mostly hard floors and walls... which when we were there was not a problem, but during busy times... I could imagine that it would get quite noisy.


The main feature of the restaurant is a nicely outfitted play area (entry is included with some meals, otherwise is it is pay to play!), with lots of climbing equipement and toys.. and of course the iconic treehouse... with no tree! It's quite nicely done, and kids under the age of around 6 will love this play area! The play area is also surrounded by glass walls which seperates out the eating area, so the parents can easily sit and have a nice meal or coffee whilst their kiddies are doing their best to damage themselves on the other side!


The eating area is well lit, with lots of natural light coming in from the high windows. There is ample seating with a good deal of space between the windows, and there are also comfortable couch areas for those who prefer a touch more relaxation.

Oddly enough (or not...), there is a nice well stocked bar with interesting beers on tap and a good selection of harder liquor. Just in case your toddler needs some down time... or maybe it is for the parents...

The Menu


The menu is pretty standard cafe menu fare, with a focus on organic and bio sourced food. With many of the set menus, the play area ticket is included in the price. So, it is a great deal to have a meal plus a bit of a play time in the treehouse.

There are many dishes on the menu that are of interest to your regular toddler taste-buds, but most of them are also a good match for adults as well. However, there is nothing really fancy on offer.


Likewise, the drinks menu is quite extensive... with good variety of choices for both adults and kiddies.

The Food


This was the breakfast menu (Boomhutten Ontbijt) which was the choice of my wife and child to share. Everything on the plate was greedily devoured by the toddler, ham is a favourite as are tomatos and croissants. However, the absolute best part was the hagelslag, the little chocolate speciality of Netherlands, which you stick to a slice of bread with some butter (or stuff straight into your face...).


This was the omelet that I ordered for myself (and ended up sharing with my wife...). The eggs were incredibly well done, with the right yolk consistency. It can be really hard to get eggs that are just the right amount of runniness, but they did it really well!

I'm not sure that I would order it with cheese though... it was a touch too much for me.


... and as a bnonus, the coffee was also top notch!

The Experience

Well.. like I said in the introduction, it is hard to find a place that is good for both adults and toddlers... but Boomhuttenclub manages it! It is definitely a place where you can bring your kid for a nice lunch or late breakfast, with good food, and then just relax whilst they enjoy their time in the play area.

Also, it would be the perfect place to just relax with an afternoon tea (there were also cakes and various goodies on offer) or coffee... or whiskey.

The staff were really very friendly and the place had a nice casual relaxed sort of feel. Again, it might be due to the fact that we visited when it wasn't very busy... if it was busier, I could imagine that it would be a touch less restful!

However, for the moment, it is on our list of places that we love to visit with our youngest child.

Opening Times

Monday 9am–5:30pm
Tuesday 9am–5:30pm
Wednesday 9am–5:30pm
Thursday 9am–5:30pm
Friday 9am–5:30pm
Saturday 9am–5:30pm
Sunday 9am–5:30pm

Contact Details

Address: Boekhorststraat 47, 2512 CM Den Haag, The Netherlands



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Boekhorststraat 47, 2512 CM Den Haag, Netherlands
rankrankrankA real gem, one I want to keep secret


A great place for family and the food looks healthy.

Great review! #tasteem-curation

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It's a perfect place for toddlers... not so much as they grow older though... Thanks for the support and curation!

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thanks for share your experience. hope you enjoyed.

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Love the place, thanks for dropping by !

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Lmao when I first glanced at the title, I thought it said 'Butthugginclub', I'm so there🤣

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Lol... I think that says something about you...

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You already know😋🤣

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We also like to eat out and we never did compromise. Sounds hard but actually it isn't. When the oldest had his 7th birthday he wanted to go eat in a michelin star restaurant which we did. It appeared that it was too soon for him. But we even took the youngest 4 at that time with us! Both now (10 and 7) do have their favorite restaurants. The oldest really enjoy tasting new food, while the youngest is picky.

Only if we go out to a star restaurant we did make sure that they have a sleep over! That unfortunatly happens only 2 or 3 times per year!

I do have to admit that an ipad really helps sometimes :)

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Wow... expensive tastes! I think when we get to the youngest being 4 then we would take them to better places. Our older one was never a problem, but the two year old is unpredictable!

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Seems like a nice and quiet place to have a simple and healthy meal. Great review @bengy.

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It's a nice place... as long as there are TOO many kids!

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Looks like a good place for spending family time.. Love children play zone...

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Looks like a good place For spending family time.. Love children play zone...                  - priyanarc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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It's a great place for little kids! Slightly older... well, they can bring a book...

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great tasteem review. CONFIRM all the children will beg their parent to bring them there.

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Thanks! Most of the younger kids love this play area!

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Wow, such a neat place! A wonderful space for both kids AND parents, with great tasting food to boot :D Seems like it is an absolute gem ___ That omelette looks so good and the coffee seems really yummo, too ___

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It's a really great place for young families! But... I'm not sure how much fun it would be as it gets better known and more popular... there is a point when too many kids is a lot less fun!

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Great experiences especially for kids, :D

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Yep! The best for the kids... but also okay for adults!

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