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Green City Cafe! A place where we have celebrated most of ours birthday.

Hello everyone the Cafe which i am reviewing has a lots of memories within it as it was near our school so we have celebrated lot's and lot's of birthdays over hear and that's what makes it a pick for my weekly choice.


At this cafe i have tried almost everything but the best of all is Cookie Medley i simply love it's taste, it is really irresistibly and i often eat it whenever i am passing through this cafe.


Today i went hear with one of my friend and she ordered Choc-Hola which is again a lovely thing to have hear.


When you have both of them together infront of you then it is really difficult to decide which one to eat and which one to leave so what i do is occasionally have a bite of both and enjoy the taste of both.


Now coming to its price and menu so i won't say it is cheap or expensive as i consider it to be on a fairer side as they both cost 1$ each so 2$ for both these and believe me it's worth your every penny.


Earlier in my school days i use to visit hear most of the time but now i occasionally visit hear as now i love to explore different places so always in search of new places but still these place holds lots of memories and that's what make me go hear again and again.


Hope so friends your mouth would have started watering by seeing these pictures and review.

Thanks friends have a great day ahead.

LocationGreen City Cafe
Azad Market, Telco, Indra Nagar, Telco Colony, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831004, India
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Thanku team for considering my entry.

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All of that stuff looks absolutely delicious. I just want to have one right now...

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Yup it is really very yummy even i am also willing to eat it again....

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Both look yummy and wise choice my friend!

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Yup it is really very yummy and thanks for the appreciation.

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One of my favourite chocolate cakes šŸ°

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ahh that's great i love black forest the most....

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