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Chan Nhu vegetarian rice

In Vietnam, people often eat vegetarian at the beginning and the middle of the lunar month. Not all of people but a large part of people eat vegetarian, and i'm a person in this part.
Because of this habit, have many vegetarian restaurent grow up, special in fasting days. Today, i want to introduce about a vegetarian restaurent, near my house.

The restaurent quite small when see from the outside, but have many dishes at here. You can see a long table with may dishes above, you only need choose dish and talk to the cheft your choice and go to the table for waiting, the staff will bring food to you.




And if it's the first time you go to Chan Nhu, you can go to the table and order dishes at here. They put the menu on the table and hang on the wall to you easy see it.




You will be supprise when eat at here, eventhough vegetarian rice but dishes very variety and colour. They make food look like food make from meat. The name of dishes also have the same name of dishes make from meat.
The taste very great, at least 3 type of dish in one plate of rice, you can see my plate and my friend.




At Chan Nhu vegetarian rice, the not only sale at the restaurent but also the sale though delivery, you can order vegetarian rice by app like Foody or Now, because dishes at here so great so in fasting days, if I can not go to the restaurent I will order vegetariance to eat.

In fassting days, the people go restaurent quite crowed so i must waite over 10 minutes after order i think it be okay for waiting, I can talking with friend while waiting.

queuing for order

And you, if you want to eat vegetarian rice, don't forget Chan Nhu vegetarian rice!

Thank you for reading


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LocationChan Nhu vegetarian rice
133 Đường Đề Thám, Phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
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I will try and visit this place on my next visit to Vietnam. Looks good.

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Wish you have a good time when you travel in Vietnam! Thank you for your comment @kilathecla!

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Food looks good!

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Yep, eat vegetarian food not only tasty but also healthy, you should try it!

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