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Foodie Tasteem#61 - Chiu Chow Garden

Hello Steemians, Hello Hong Kong!!

Having a weekend? Today my sharing is about "YUM CHA", a typical way for Chinese people to start their morning, Usually in the weekend.

This time we head to this fusion and modern style for our breakfast. As you can see they decorate with the eye-catching big chandelier, I was impressed.

People keep going in and out, filling up all the tables and luckily I still can grab one.


Menus are here with both Chinese and English, "Chiu Chow" is one of the big city in Guangdong, China. Chiu Chow cuisine is one of the important dining style, no sure the reason but it's getting popular in recent years.


Unlike the restaurant we go, all the dinnerware are in western style.

Let's have a tea and wait for the foods.

After we order, they will provide appetizer. It's a bit sweet and sour, cucumber, bean curd and fungus.

It takes some times for them to cook, unlike others, we wait for around 25 mins for the 1st foods to deliver. Steamed rice rolls with scallops & vegetables, it's a mild start. Rice rolls have not much flavour, most of the time we're having it with soy sauce. It tastes like rice wrapping some ingredients.

Pan-fried chive dumplings, typical Chiu Chow dim sum. It's about how good the chef to pan-fry it, and it's like that. I'm not a chive person and this one is okay, a bit crispy of the wrap and the chive smells good.

Steamed egg sponge cakes, a sweet in taste, really like "sponge" soft, it can be described chewy sometimes.

Steamed barbecued pork buns, marinated the barbecued pork and wrapped it with the bun. I bet most of the Chinese like this delectable dim sum because of its sweet barbecued taste.

Sometimes we just tear it apart and share with other people.

Assorted bean pudding, you can the 3 layers, top 2 are beans, kidney beans and red beans. I didn't know what it is so give it a try. It has not much flavour too, a mild or healthy dessert but really filling, like having a bowl or rice.

Fried E-fu noodles with mushrooms, healthy choice with no meats and E-fu noodles are being handled with many steps. If you're a fan of noodles, you should try this. It's fried egg noodles but the taste is very amazing.

It's hard to describe the goodness of those DIM SUM, I wish you can enjoy them with my photos, CHEERS!

Address: Shop 511-530, 5/F, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong

LocationChiu Chow Garden
223 Hing Fong Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
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How much is it in US dollars for a meal like this?

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Like US$12~$13 per head, fair enough?? :D

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the dumpling looks so good....the food must delicious in the picture so many customers ....good review ;-)

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Wonderful photos and I wish I was there! I'm so glad to stop by and i enjoyed your post very much.

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looking at the setting, I got the feeling that this will burn my pocket.

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