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The weather in northern Vietnam is currently neither hot nor cold.

For this type of weather, eating a little roll will be very delicious

There is a good place to eat cake in Cau Giay - Hanoi

Khue Tay Restaurant is a roll cake restaurant, named "Dac San Son Cuoc" in the sense of delicious mountain food. Especially rolls.

The space is quite good compared to the lane. There are decent furniture, not sitting behind the kitchen. Send cars in a large, comfortable yard


A level here is also more, the number of rolls is not wrong but more than that, the sauce is delicious


Price: Depending on the food you order, it is only about $ 1

Address: in Image wallpaper

LocationKhue Tay Cake Rolls
Nghĩa Tân, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily


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