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Restaurant SeaFood

Do you like seafood?

Fresh, fragrant seafood, sauce with a medium flavor.


  • The position has 3 levels: mild spicy, medium spicy, very spicy ... I am a person who can eat a normal spicy level so I call a moderate level, if you can eat spicy food, you should call it very spicy, I have a spicy taste. Lack of spicy taste.


  • Price
    There are 3 rates: 200k (2 people) - 350k (3-4 people) - 550k (5-6 people)

=> These pictures of me are at 200k


For those who like spicy food, this is probably the right place for you to experience, I'll come back

LocationOc Chao VKCK BEO
113 Thành Công, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily



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That probably was so delicious, it just shows in your face . Thanks for sharing this with us

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