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I have a good experience with vegetarian food, the number of times I eat vegetarian food very little, if I eat it, I only eat rice with tofu with tomato sauce and fake vegetarian food (that is correct), I almost don't eat .


Good impression right at the time when I first entered the restaurant, I met two guys at the door:


After that good impression, everything will be fine after another, I will review it quickly:


  • Space: wide, airy, 2-3 floors, quite clean, with table seating and seating.

  • Food: quite diverse, there are more than 20 dishes, the dishes I find delicious include:


There are many more but I can't eat it all.


  • Drinks: Soy milk and cool rice milk, sticky tea


After leaving the meal, there is no bloating, vegetarian food should be cool and light, except for some fried dishes such as rice, pizza, but I don't eat.


Because I don't eat vegetarian food, there is no comparison with other shops, but I find it easy to eat, gentle, suitable for the full and early days.

Address: B1, ngõ 100 Trung Kín

LocationTinh Tam vegetarian restaurant
Ngõ 100 Trung Kính, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily


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Bravo to eating vegetarian. Local vegetarians here and temples here actually offer free buffet meals every 15th day of Lunar Calendar months, to promote to people.

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That doesn't look so bad at all.

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Thanks for the tip~ I also want to eat less meat so it's nice to see some vegetarian options on here :)

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I wonder how it feels like to become vegetarian. Anyway THanks for sharing this with us!

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