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Nyonya Cuisine simply irresistible

Hello Tasteemers,

I cannot rememver when my last posting in tasteem, as I had been very busy with work and other personal things to do.

However, over the weekend, I was longing for Nyonya cuisine for quite sometime. So I decided to go to this restaurant that cook dishes the Nyonya Style.

For your info, nyonya cuisine is a mixturd of traditional chinese and malay cooking with a lots of authentic spices and ingredients. The taste is descripable as it has its own distinctive taste. It does not taste like any chinese food nor any malay food. It is simply a level of its own.

The Atmosphere

The place is quite spacey, cozy and there are a few round tables you can choose from depending on the number of diners per table.


The Menu

There is alot of choices to choose from and below are some pages of the menu.





What I ordered

There is a lot of ways to cook nyonya dishes, but I had to go for the Asam Masak Pedas Fish Head. Too delicious, I had to finish the whole head because the fish was soooooo fresh.


Then we ordered the honey lamb. It was sweet and juicy and cook to perfection. The meat was soft and super yummy.


We also ordered the kapitan squid. Nyonya style, a mixture with some curry powder and I don’t know else they mix. Simply irresistible.


Ordered the buttered chicken for my kids. Simply aromatic flavour.


Of course by ordering the dishes above without authentic fragant white rice is a no no. You have to eat it together with rice.

Total Damage

I have to spend RM203.70 to satisfy my pallets. 😂
Business hour is from 1000hrs to 2100hrs. Monday to Sunday.

Follow me for my next review next time for my food adventure.



LocationNyonya House
Lot No B-40-41, Imago Shopping Mall, KK Times Square Phase 2, Coastal Highway, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
rankrankrankA real gem, one I want to keep secret