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Buffet Vuon Restaurant - Royal City.

Buffet Restaurant is very famous Royal City. Unlike other buffet restaurants, in the midst of a modern and bustling commercial center, pictures of simple walls, tiled roofs with banana bushes, cleverly decorated cabins, First look, evoked in each person's mind the moments of ancient Vietnam, the beloved home of a childhood did not date on the ...

The menu is very rich and diverse. Here, the things you get will not only be a good meal but also the opportunity to travel and learn more countless new things about the culinary culture of the region in the country as well as the world. First, let's start your meal with dumplings, salads or street food snacks such as rolled noodles, spring rolls, sushi, ... Dumplings, dried cow dumplings, ... spicy, crispy aromatic is the "starter" excellent for the diners on the exciting food race is waiting in the back.

In addition, there are many kinds of salads available to serve you such as: purple cabbage salad, fruit salad, vegetable salad salad, Thai style mash salad, lettuce fish salad ... with natural sweet taste, Helps balance dietary intake for meals. All the vegetables and fruits used by the restaurant must undergo the inspection and select carefully from the partners providing prestige, ensuring hygiene and food safety are placed on the top. The cool vegetable crispy will make you have no sense of humor, boring first.

Specialties: fried mutton; Seafood rolls; Grilled lobster; Omelette braised eggplant
Space: Countryside rustic and cozy. Capacity: 200 guests.


  • Menu:
    ♡ Desserts: Basics of fried potatoes, fried corn, especially dried papaya salad is very delicious, rolled noodle, spring rolls ...
    ♡ Grilled shrimp: grilled shrimp, oysters, delicious barbecue. Squid with chicken wings.
    ♡ hot pot.
    ♡ Crab stuff: steamed clam, fried rice.
LocationBuffet Vuon Restaurant - Royal City.
B2-R6, Thượng Đình, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily



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