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Botanica Restaurant.

Botanica restaurant seems to be just for acquaintances. The emerald green label with the name Botanica is stylized loosely under the umbrella of green um as invitation to enter the world of quiet, gentle. Indeed, as soon as you step foot in, the space is relaxed with the youthful features of old as a gentle greeting that impressed with the guests.

The main color of space is creamy rice, brown wood and light pink pastel makes you feel like enjoying the relaxed as in the middle of nature. The name Botanica also seems to be inspired by Botanic (English meaning grass) and brought back to the diners more unforgettable impression. On rough brick walls or woods, photographs of love or black-and-white moments, or overlaid with vintage, gentle colors like the breeze blowing in from the romantic French space, Distinctive, the heart of the customers become relieved and extremely young..

You can swing your legs, drop your eyes out of the glass, cool green foliage, take a few steps, do not hurry, do not rush. Through the "eyes" of Botanica Giang Vo, it seems that time here slow down, so that diners feel deeper than the simple happiness of relatives, friends every time come here. Quiet and romantic as a song of the afternoon, where to make a reasonable date than this place, where to enjoy a quiet moment with the family or some close friends better suited here? Botanica Giang Vo seems to be created to give you a few hours to relax but separate from the city noise, bon chen.

If only a regular eurent space are Europe, such as Botanica is now as now. To make a quality of the list of the Botanica, Steak, the gift from the skeleton and nai are seen as the spirit of the house, đánh dấu Âu Âu ẩm thực tại Việt Nam. Đặc biệt của Botanica chính là sự sáng tạo, không phải thịt bò bít tết, mà thực khách vẫn được thưởng thức món bít tết nai, thịt mềm, độ dày vừa phải, và luôn thực hiện đúng chuẩn bạn yêu cầu, như rê ri hoặc reo, meat in new fresh ửng đỏ. All beef meat is imported from the same source with the high source source, the real skill, nướng over than lửa, fire adjustment to keep the steak steak.

LocationBotanica Restaurant.
116/D4, Giảng Võ, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily


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