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Food Sharing #57 - Sushi Train Lunch at Sushi Hon @ Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Since having kids, we don’t have many quite meals but we do take time during lunch breaks and enjoy something nice while the kids are at daycare. We decided to try out the Sushi Train at the top food level at the Centre Point tower in Sydney. This one is more of a premium sushi train so you don’t see the normal crowds during lunch. The other thing why its great, there are some tables that are close to the train but allow people to sit across from each other so it nice and cozy.

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Let's check out the general menu. The menu looks basic but the price is on the high end considering the location of the restaurant

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Endless food going round and round. Notice that they mainly serve rolls. If you want raw fish or a bigger meal, you can order them from the waitress as they want to ensure it to be extra fresh.

IMG_7586 2.JPG

IMG_7587 2.JPG

One of the rolls we had below yummmmmm.

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The restaurant has bench tables for the sushi train or if you have a large group or with kids, there are also tables to cater for these customers. The window view overlooks the city CBD streets. As you can tell it is not very busy even though its peak lunch hour so its a nice quite place to enjoy some sushi and have a nice chat. The food variety in my opinion is not great but its definitely fresh and the prices are more premium than other sushi trains due its location. The best part is its in the middle of town right in a Sydney landmark, a must visit!

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animation by @catwomanteresa

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