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Tung Chi Korean

The restaurant space is clear with the brownish-yellow color that you like. Comfortable check in machine fire 😆😆. And most of the Korean guests are always, xì xì xì =. Seated up to see if there are any k :).


👫 Today I go to lunch is also called relatively large, but the staff is still enthusiastic, especially you long hair pretty beautiful, sometimes even baking household goods. It is too crowded so I can not stand 100% of the grill to run here. Should I also bake myself. A manager is also fun to ask again 😆😆


🍱Choose Buffee but see Combo promotion is a good consultant should try to call Combo # 1200000 VND for 5 people. Just think Combo sure is not that panic Panchan sat on the table Su salted, marinated marinated what do not know but delicious. Vegetable salad vs kimchi ... Oh no t know all :)).


There are also 2 Panchan I eat together should see normal. Especially the beef looked very fresh, quality 👍, not soaked, dot with salt sesame oil and then rolled with the standard tweezers to the standard tweezers. Fresh green salad looked to have seen want to eat 😂😂.


I like Korea, but I like to eat Korean food, but here is the Korean standard to know that Korean chefs are always 🤤🤤🤤.Com of the gift of a bottle of wine Soju taste cool drink that cool, Get more pottery hot pot kimchi 😱😱. Maybe 6 people eat too much. Oh no food to breathe anymore ...


💰 For the price of # 1200k / 5 people (240k / ng that tastes good + give more wine for t is too cheap 😎.) Calculate that eating the 199ft Buffee is more expensive than the combo, because k includes drinks vs hot pot. Management says that Combo is more beef and beef quality, so it's worth the money.



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⛔️ There are many other Combo to choose from. but t k remember 😂😂
If you love to cook, do not miss this restaurant. 👍👍 8/10 👍👍

LocationTung Chi Restaurant
33 Vũ Phạm Hàm, Yên Hoà, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily