ContestWhere to eat for my blind date?

My first Tasteem review - Jobsite Brewing

It makes sense that my first restaurant review would also boast craft beer made onsite. The title shot up there was from another restaurant (that will come in a future review) but it is a good one that has me in it as the only guy with a sleeve (red arrow.)


If I were to go on a blind date, well first of all my wife would kill me. But if I did, I would take her to Jobsite Brewery. I will explain the food and drink here but I would want to be with someone who supports craft beer, and reserve the fancier restaurants for the second or third one if she met the lofty @zekepickleman standards. ;)


First, we get into the drinks. It IS a craft brewery afterall and nothing better to loosen up on our hypothetical blind date than a delicious beverage.


Here are the mainstay beers on tap and to take away via bottle, large can, or growler.

2x4 Cream Ale - Smooth and light an creamy as the name might suggest. It is so smooth that it seems almost flat on the pallet but there is plenty of air going through it so you know it is fresh and aerated. The perfect beer for someone who has a simple pallet and wants to sneak up on craft beer.

Big Pour Stout - This is a nice malty treat not unlike many of the chocolatey coffee nutty style stouts you would get at many craft breweries. Full-bodied smooth and chuggable if you are into dark thick beers.

Impact IPA - This one is my jam as it is an India Pale Ale in the New England style. Meaning, it is not shy on the hops, but is not sport-hopped to over 70 IBU like many of my favourite IPAs. It is a little sweeter, still hoppy, has a touch of malt, and is a little more friendly than other IPAs if you are looking to sneak up on this style as well.

Wrong Nail Amber Ale - This is a nice one with more malt than the Cream ale, less than the Stout, and a little less sweet than the IPA in my opinion. I would have loved this when I graduated from the pedestrian ales and lagers and looked for a littlem more of a full taste without feeling like my glass was ful of pine cones or molasses (I hear people describing stouts and IPAs as such)


You can tell a lot about a blind date by which one he/she chooses. If they go for a Sawhorse Flight, you know you are in good company and things are going well.

The Food


This place is rather simple and to the point when it comes to food. Woodfire pizza created from scratch and baked in the oven right in front of you. Visiting today, the choices were 4-cheese, Pepperoni, and Spinach & Mushroom If you want to impress your date and you are friends with the owners, you might be able to call a special favour and have them spin up the works and have it all. That's how I roll.

The ambiance

We are not fine dining here and it is called Jobsite afterall so it is a little rustic in decor and informal in experience.


The bar is quite the center piece as it was hand made by one of the owners Phil and constructed from many old tools and components collected over many years as a contractor in his past life. This shot is from before the opening when it was first made and it looks as nice today.

IMG_3375 (1).jpg

The menu is also simple and prominently displayed on a chalkboard behind the bar.


All in all, I will pay a little extra for a hand-made pizza and craft beer brewed onsite.....but you don't really have to here. This is a place to meet informally, feel welcome, throw your tilley hat on the bar, enjoy good food and drink, and check out the merchandise shelf. There is even a shelf full of board games if you are in the mood or bring kids with you.


During your blind date, you can excersise control over how much you drink, see how well your date can hold her pints, and take away some 1-liter crowlers whether it went badly and you need to drink the memory from your brain, or you would like some drinks at home afterwards if it went well.



Overall, I give it 5 stars due to the great beer, delicious pizza, so excellently constructed computer network, and the fact Phil and Dave are friends of mine.

Definitely hit this place if you come to Stratford Ontario.


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