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Restaurant Repovz - Homely feeling on first sight

Have you ever felt that homey feeling in a restaurant? This happens quite often to us. The last time that happened in a petite family restaurant Repovz. The second you enter that house your stress hormones are reduced instantly. It’s not just about food and service. It’s so much more. And they know how to offer that something more to their guests.
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For a starter, we got their version of mixed cold starters on the board. It was decorated to perfection, and the choice was unbelievable. They told us that everything is local. Most of the ingredients are even produced by them. They have a big farm with vegetables, fruits, and aromatic plants. They can’t satisfy their needs, but it’s still something. On this board, we got unbelievably delicious dry salami – by
BioSingwhich was smoked just right (some of the salamis can be smoked too much, and the real taste is blended) and seasoned to perfection. There was speck soft as butter with homemade liver pate and jam in the company of smoked trout and their version of kimchi, respectfully. A really good foreplay! A nice pair with this one was Finca Torremilanos
‘ , Los Cantos‘ Ribera del Duero 2013, which is 95% Tempranillo and 5% Merlot coming from 35-year-old vines. This lush drink was later aged for 12 months in French and American oak. Slight woody and spicy aroma with roasted notes at the beginning. After that, you will find a lot of fruitiness – cherry and some prunes. It’s medium-full bodied and fairly tannic with nice and medium long aftertaste, which brings some ripped acidity and fruity notes. For the pitch-perfect, this wine is produced in Biodynamic farming!

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Hereinafter, we got a nicely baked filet of trout, still juicy with a crunchy skin on tasty buckwheat porridge with dulcet
gamberiintheir sauce. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of buckwheat porridge, but this one was out of space – the texture was firm, and the flavor of buckwheat was nicely fused, not dominant. The presentation of this dish was very neat. I didn’t get a feeling they were trying to be
avantgarde, which was perfect.
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The autumn didn’t say the last word, which was apparent on our next dish – pork tenderloin poured with heavenly rich sauce was a slightly different version of traditional Slovenian dish – cottage cheese “Struklji” and pumpkin puree. Struklji was succulent and compact. Their shape was precise and petite. I must admit that the presentation is in their domain! All flavors were also clean, nicely linked together and lush after all.
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We were a bit upset because we weren’t hungry when we came there. If we have expected so good food, we would have been starving for three days in a row. Anyway, we still got enough room for a dessert. And it was zesty on the first sight. If we hadn’t been looking through the window, we would have said: “Hello, spring.” The mellow flavor of this cheesecake with pumpkin filling was a real balsam for our taste buds. There was also a little meringue and their
home-made chocolate heart for the appearance. This appetizing dessert convinced us to order another one. Yes, yes, yes, we know… However, you know, we are a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain, so we will eventually be like him! Screw normative and just live on!
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The second dessert was a little bit different story. Chocolate biscuit with cranberry and foam made of creamy cheese. On the other side, there was balsamic cranberry ice cream on raw coconut biscuit with almonds and some cranberry sauce for freshness. This dessert was soothing and well designed. All the components compounded together well. The biscuit wasn’t dry at all. Oh, I almost forgot! There were also little colorful meringues, which made the dish more vibrant.
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So, if your blind date won't be that good, here at least your food will be amazing. And I guarantee you will never forget this nice homely restaurant.
PS: I got a warning from Tasteem this review has a lack of information. So here I am adding everything I can find.

Thu.: 11:00-21:00 (winter: until 20:00)

Fri.: 11:00-22:00 (winter: until 20:00)
Sat.: 8:00-22:00 (winter: until 20:00)
Sun.: 7:00-17:00
Mon., Tue., Wed.: CLOSED

MENU (from their website, copyright to Gostilna Repovž)

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list (from their website, copyright to Gostilna Repovž)


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insert Imginsert Img















I hope you have all
to make sure this is a great restaurant for you.


LocationRestaurant Repovz
Šentjanž 14, 8297 Šentjanž, Slovenia
rankrankrankA real gem, one I want to keep secret


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