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Taiwanese Beef Specialty restaurant since 1897

When in Taiwan..

I was in Taiwan and enjoy all the food so much. It's not different types of food but really,it's something special.. did I just use too much imagination? For real though, even the regular stir fry, they could make it specially good. Ha!

I ate a lot when I was in Taiwan as I enjoyed their food so much. I didn't cook once. Really, no. Everyday restaurants and some nights, night markets are the way to go. All the food, if you eat reasonably, you wouldn't need to pay more than $3 for each meal.

A Taiwanese Restaurant and its specialty

A local friend, Neal, and his girlfriend, Sophie, brought me to the restaurant with beef specialty. I was excited as I love beef. Even got more excited when I found out that the restaurant was founded in 1897. That's a while back! I love old-school stuffs :D

Sneak a peek in this mini vlog


That's the name of it on Google maps. Located real close to Ningxia Night Market in Taipei. Oh, close to San Coffee as well.

We knew about the restaurant because Sophie recommended it. She said she used to come and eat here a lot after school with her dad.



I like the fact that they actually have like an open-kitchen where you could really see what are they up to in the kitchen. When walking inside, soon enough, on the left, you will see the small window where you could also see inside the kitchen.


The restaurant have air-conditioning and that's great! It's so hot out.



Taiwanese food menu

The menu is all in Chinese. I suppose it's totally designed without expectation of having foreign customers. I didn't see any tourist at all even though it's lunch time and again, it's not that far from the tourist spot like, Ning Xia Night Market.

Taiwanese Menu items

They use every part of beef (Like, head to tail) to cook. Stir fry, curry, soup, etc. I didn't choose any item but leave it to be my local friends' job.


Taiwanese Sauces

They have this sause station where you could go grab what you want yourself. We (Just Neat, actually. LOL I was just standing there and film the vlog ) got 2 types of sauce for our Taiwanese cuisines we ordered.

  • Vinegar mixed with soy sauce
  • Chili paste ('Very hot' Said the local)


Taiwanese dishes

It was 3 of us and could you believe, we ordered 6 dishes!! plus a bowl of rice each! LOLOL I was actually overwhelmed afraid that we wouldn't be able to finish.

- Beef tongue

This one is great. Just the bland one but we could just dip it in the sauces we got earlier.


- Beef curry with tomatoes

Oh myyyy! This one beats any other dishes as it's so... what's the word? 'Umami' ! When it's something beyond just 'Delicious' LOL The curry taste plus the sweet and sour taste of tomatoes..

Oh! That's why this is their signature dish at this Taiwanese restaurant!


- Morning glory sauteed with beef


- Morning glory curry with beef

This one looks exactly (not really) the same as the one above but they totally use the different types of sauses. This one is curry!


- Beef in a light gravy soup

This one is different. You think it's neh, same same but hey, it's different. The beef texture is something I had never had.

They actually cover it with a corn startch first before dumping it in the pan and let boiled.

Make sense! That's why the texture is not like other beef types I had tried.


- Beef organs in soup


- Stir fry Beef stomach (vinegary)

Well, this one I gotta say, it's the one I probably like the least as I'm not used to a stir-fry dish with vinegary taste in it. Unless, it's a sweet and sour stir fry.. No, this one is not the one!


Taiwanese eating rule!

Is there such a thing?
No, not really. It's just that a common manner they do there in the country.

Use both hands when eating. One hand for a bowl of rice and the other is to control chopsticks. Otherwise, Taiwanese people would think that you're lazy! LOLOL

There, everything in front of me and yes, some selfie photos needed before eating! LOLOL



Prices : We paid 300TND (= $10) each for the whole meal and yes, that totally filled my whole body. That was A LOT of food!


If you love beef.. If you love asian food.. especially, if you love Chinese food.. Oh! and you love rice! Then this is totally one of the Taiwanese restaurants for you to visit if you're ever in Taipei, Taiwan.

Address : No. 20, Tianshui Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Hours : Tues-Sun 11.15 AM - 9PM

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All copy and photos are original content by me.

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤

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No. 20, Tianshui Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
rankA place to visit daily


Looks really delicious and good to know about eating with both hands :D

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Thank you! Since you'll be there real soon, check out this place! and order the beef curry :D

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Great post. We went to Taiwan last year and the food as you say is amazing as was the tea. I have a friend in the Alishan mountains and he visits us here 3 times a year and always brings soo much tea. A link to a little Vlog I did there

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@scubahead Hey! I did watch the vlog. So full of the stories in a day and yes! Ningxia is the way to go hahaha :D Sneaked a peek at your profile and seems like you're pretty new here! If you have any question Steem related, if I could answer, I would love to help ❤️🙏

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yes very new still finding my way. Trying to keep my page to travel, philippines( where I live) and scuba ( my work). I need to figure out what works best with how to post content, any advice is appreciated :)

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Hm.. tough one. I really can't tell how exactly as sometimes I see good contents that are not doing well vs some random photos that got like $xxx (when the price was high). I myself try to do what I like/love and try not to take advantage of the system by creating good quality contents most of the time. I also try to network with people as well...

I hope this helps! good luck to you and Steem on! ❤️

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Postingan anda @waybeyondpadthai selalu bagus bagi saya dan anda menceritakan tentang restoran yang sangat bagus,, saya ingin membagikan postingan anda @waybeyondpadthai

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