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"Kem Xoi 68" - Enjoy once remembered forever | Contest by @tasteem

Hi everybody, have a nice day!

I have come back. It's been a long time since I've posted so much, so I do not have much time. I only spend 2 days each week to participate in the @tasteem Contest held weekly. It's a little time and I do not want to miss it, I want to give you great places. And today, I will take you to a nice, delicious milk tea shop and something special.

It's KEM XOI 68


This is a small milk tea shop, it is not very spacious, you can imagine from the billboard advertising the baby's shop. But do not underestimate it. Let's see what's inside it?


This is the whole mess of space inside this milk tea shop. Looks small, right?


Although a bit cramped but in return the wall is decorated pretty beautiful and romantic.


As the restaurant is located on the side of the road should be a little bit of traffic. But not too noisy, the songs inside the restaurant compensated for that.

We come here often, I almost miss all the flavors of milk tea here. A total of 20 drinks and 5 snacks.


And a little special here: The owner is a man, he is both the owner and the staff always. His wife is pregnant and does not help him sell, but perhaps for that reason his shop attracts more customers.



Your service attitude is what I value most. He is very enthusiastic and very harmonious, sometimes very funny.



This is a menu of drinks and snacks. There are many choices for you.




My friends chose fruit yogurt and a little snack (fried nem). For me, this time I choose myself a glass of yogurt cream.

If you come here I recommend you enjoy "KEM XOI", this is the most special dishes in the shop. "Xôi" is something like rice we eat. But it combined with "Ice Cream" created a very strange taste. You should try it first.


For the price, as this is a small shop so the price is normal. We have 6 people and we paid 100k for everything we eat and drink here. It is equivalent to $ 4.

This is a video where we played some fun games here. Watch it and let me know how you feel?

Finally, I would like to review the overview of this dairy tea:

  • Firstly, space is narrow but romantic
  • Second, a little noise but the music here is very good, that is the highlight.
  • Third, the British owner of the shop enthusiastic, comfortable.
  • The fourth, Good food, cheap, clean.

That's what I feel in this place. I hope you can figure it out. Imagine that you would sit there and enjoy a glass of milk tea. It is a great idea that.


Discuss and share your experiences and thoughts by leaving a comment below and I will respond!
By: @thethor1122

LocationKEM XOI 68
0 Đường Z 115, Tân Thịnh, Thành phố Thái Nguyên, Thái Nguyên, Vietnam
rankrankA place to tell friends about


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