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Food Sharing #55 - Have Lunch at Flower Child @ Chatswood, Australia

Hi Steemians,

I have been missing poke from Hawaii & Fiji (Raw fish) and there is one place at the closest shopping centre that has this dish. Flower Child at Chatswood Westfield is always busy but we decided to see if we can get a table as it was a weekday.

flower child.jpg

Let's have a look at the menu first

IMG_0625 (1).JPG


We ordered a poke bowl, eggs on toast with additional avocado with chorizo, kids chips & chicken nuggets, cold drip coffee and a green tea. All the food came quickly and in particular my poke bowl looked so colourful. The poke bowl is a bit different what the traditional poke looks like but the combination was really nice.


IMG_6809 (1).JPG




Flower Child also offers a large range of colour cakes but we were too full to try them this time. I had some previously with some friends and it was delicious.

IMG_2440 (1).JPG


There are seatings inside where the tables are close together so if you have kids or a pram, you are normally given a table on the outside. The kitchen is on the opposite side of the cafe. The cafe does get really busy on the weekend so do arrive early for a table.





IMG_7058 (1).JPG

!steemitworldmap -33.7964417 lat 151.1840579 long d3scr


animation by @catwomanteresa

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LocationFlower Child
391/1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia
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Lovely shot. You make it more beautifull bye perfect capturing. Never stop or skip this type capturing. many many thanks for share with us. food is beautifull for human life, you proved with this..

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thanks for reading

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You are most welcome mam

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You like cocking also

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what ??? lol

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The place looks really nice....

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yah but pricey haha

$ 0.00

All good things come with a price 😉

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That first dish has such interesting colors and the chicken nuggets look everywhere the same, hehe.

$ 0.00

yah the poke was really the reason i was there. kids meal ... they need to make it look generic or else they won't touch it haha

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Looks tasty thanks for sharing.

$ 0.00

I thought the atmosphere looked good. Saved!

$ 0.00

thanks Yasu for your continual support :)

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woohoo you went! I LOVE THAT PLACE! Pricey so can't have often but it's amazing!!!!!

$ 0.00

i've been for a few times previously already but yah craving for that poke so had to go again hahaha

$ 0.00

Yeh I LOVE how they put in the Lotus chips!!! and their radish.. everything was made well and tasted great!

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Always in great review especially so many photos. Wonderful.

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