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  • Hello all of you ^^

  • Here I will reveal to you a destination that I usually visit on weekdays :))

  • A small noodle restaurant located in Thai Nguyen city, where I work and live, a simple restaurant but attract many customers to eat.

  • Introduction to the restaurant:

The restaurant is located on Quyet Thang street - Thai Nguyen city, is a popular eatery, serving mainly noodle-related dishes: fish noodles, bean noodles, meat vermicelli ... The price of a bowl of vermicelli is 20000vnd suitable for all customers with high or low income can enjoy.

  • The space is quite spacious, airy, including some tables and chairs with some wall fans with some other light bulbs ... The decor is very casual to create a sense of familiar, close to customers. when coming to the restaurant.

  • Restaurant menu:

  • Due to the large number of customers recommended to facilitate orders, the restaurant has a large menu so all customers can see when they come to the restaurant.

  • processing:

  • The cuisine of the restaurant is made by the chefs, so the processed food here is very clean and safe, helping customers feel more comfortable.

  • What are you waiting for? Come here to enjoy the food ^^
LocationHuyen Thanh Restaurant - Thai Nguyen
Quyết Thắng, Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily



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That looks so good! The next time I come to Vietnam, I will be sure to visit!

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