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'The ice cream from the happy Muhh!!!'

Hi, Tasteemians,

Today I would like to take you to the most amazing ice cream manufacture I have ever known. The store designed in blue and white not only lures with ice, but is also visually a real eye-catcher. From their own organic farm in the meadows of the Bucklige Welt , the beatiful mountain area in lower Austria. Here comes the organic milk that is used for the ice cream.

The owners of the 'Eis Greisslerei' have already produced more than 100 varieties in the associated manufactory and are constantly working on new creations. Local ingredients are best used for this purpose. Artificial flavors, colors or preservatives will not find their way into the ice cream of Greisslerei.




(The Area)

Although you have to wait a bit longer to enjoy one of the stout stews with the cool refreshment, it does not keep visitors and ice cream lovers from hiring. In addition to vanilla and raspberry, there are also creative ice creams such as caramel pretzel, goat cheese and semolina pudding.

A little tip: a visit to the adventure world in Krumbach, here you can follow the ice cream production step by step and see exactly how the favorite ice cream from the cow comes into the bag.



(The Store-Area)

Beautiful, inviting ambience. Stylish cafe with a wonderful terrace on the nearby natural pond. The ice cream uniquely tasty - an eye and culinary delight. Here you can taste and see the natural ingredients !! 6 balls of ice devoured in no time;) Ribisel, semolina pancakes, butter biscuits, mango, poppy, etc. ... you can not decide.



(The Cafe'-Area)

The Taste of the happy cow milk is amaing, this could be the best ice cream in the world for me. High quaity produchts, the service is good and the price is reasonable. The location is one of a kind.

(Ice cream mix 9 Euro)

(Cappuccino 5 Euro)

The adventure playground offers everything children can enjoy, giant slide, water park, swings, petting zoo, mountain go karts and much more.
The tour includes 3 balls of ice cream per person and was very interesting and authentic from start to finish. Especially the view into the cowshed - great for the kids!

This place is a real jem and hight remommended for everyone!

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Price: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Location : 10/10
Taste&quality: 10/10

Thank you for your visiting my review , hope to see you again soon.



LocationEis Greissler Manufacture
Königsegg 25, 2851 Krumbach, Austria
rankrankrankA real gem, one I want to keep secret


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The farm looks so beautiful. The ice cream made in the farm must be very freshing.

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