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D'Maris Restaurant - Korean Buffet 5 Star.

D'MARIS The Korean style high-end buffet restaurant system is hidden in a unique sense of "sea breeze" - the combination of D in "Delicious" and Maris as the "sea breeze".
With more than 3000 square meters of space and a capacity of over 1,000 guests, D'Maris is known for its sumptuous buffets.

Not only prominent in the space, D'MARIS is also loved by the buffet menu is extremely diverse, culinary taste and always respect the criteria of only using the highest quality food ingredients to creating more than 250 dishes rich and rich by the hands of the top chefs.

Furthermore, coming to D'Maris means coming to a gastronomic paradise. With over 200 menus from many countries in the world, diners can not only enjoy Korean food but also discover the essence of other great cuisines such as China, Japan, Europe and America. This is considered to be the place to associate the culture of Korean cuisine and Asian culinary culture. If you are a sushi lover and seafood certainly can not ignore the delicious and delicious dishes here.
With an area of ​​3,300 m2, D 'Maris owns an extremely spacious and luxurious space with 3 large rooms and 13 rooms with private space suitable for organizing events such as banquets, birthday parties, Meeting the family, conference, ... Design style though simple but still luxurious combined with spacious space and quite open so D'Maris will definitely give customers a close meal , cozy and especially the connection between people gathering together.


LocationD'Maris Restaurant
Đường Phạm Văn Nghị, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily



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