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Travel and enjoy food at Home Stay Moc Chau- my choice

On the occasion of September 2th Vietnam's Independence Day, my club organized a field trip to HomeStay Moc Chau. With my choice, I will introduce you to HomeStay Moc Chau, Vietnam, a paradise between the Moc Chau plateau most beautiful Vietnam.





You can see a lot of scenery on Moc Chau plateau, Tea covered the hill, pine hill, where we walk on it, HomeStay's walk tunnel and dairy cow icon of Moc Chau Milk. That's just one of the many tourist attractions in Moc Chau, I can not visit it all.

There we visited a lot of places and where I like most is where we stop to rest, homes small outdoor. I really enjoyed this place, here we are enjoyed one outdoor party, there is food we prepare ourselves and cook, drinks and lots of stuff.





If you intend to travel in Vietnam, let's go to Moc Chau HomeStay to enjoy fresh air and feel comfortable here. Thank you for reading and for me a commemt in this article.
Thank you very much.

LocationHomeStay Moc Chau
Rừng Thông Bản Áng, Đông Sang, Mộc Châu, Sơn La, Vietnam
rankA place to visit daily



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